Westphalia Forecast

AI-supported forecasts

Put an end to inventory gaps, overstocks and lost sales. Westphalia Forecast optimizes and automates your forecasts with artificial intelligence.


Inaccurate forecasts make decisions difficult

Every day, decisions that determine the future of your company are made based on gut instinct.

Whether it’s workforce planning, forecasting sales figures for your products, or predicting the rate of returns. Inaccurate forecasts usually lead to increased costs and make economic decisions more difficult.


Automate your forecasts with AI

Turn your data into a reliable planning tool.

Westphalia Forecast creates highly accurate forecasts fully automatically and data-driven. So that your next decision is definitely the right one.

AI-supported forecasts

Use Cases

Westphalia Forecast is aimed at anyone who relies on the most accurate forecasts possible to make decisions. Whether they are buyers, logistics managers, production or plant managers, store or branch managers, campaign planners or shift supervisors.

Sales forecasts
  • Forecasting the sales volume of your complete product range
  • Optimization of your resource planning in the entire supply chain
  • Analysis & forecast of thousands of products possible
  • More accurate results than classical solutions
Incoming goods forecast
  • More planning reliability with fluctuating delivery behavior and millions of articles
  • Combination of delivery evaluation and machine learning
  • Linking of external influencing variables (e.g. weather) with historical data
  • Better planning of personnel and warehouse capacities
Personnel demand forecasts
  • Preventing under- & over-staffing of the team by forecasting the workload
  • Linking your historical workload data with external influencing factors
  • Data-supported decision-making basis for staff planning
  • Realization of long-term planning of vacation and blocking times
and many more use cases
  • Inventory forecasts
  • Returns forecasts
  • Consumption forecasts
  • and many more: Contact us!

Westphalia Forecast

Your advantages at a glance

AI-supported forecasts

Benefit from fully automated, reliable forecasts

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Explanation of the forecast

Understand which factors have a lasting impact on your bottom line

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Calculate the effect of changes in the influencing factors

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Campaign planner

Integrate your planned advertising campaigns into your forecasts

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Forecasting Interval

Have possible fluctuations in the forecasts displayed immediately

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Intuitive dashboard

Find your way around our world-class user interface right away

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The tool creates forecasts at the push of a button based on your historical company data and the inclusion of other internal and external factors. And that for every location, every sales channel, every article, every day.

Westphalia Forecast creates a basis for any planning processes along the value chain by providing the best possible forecasts.


Reduction of the forecast error
(sales volume)


more accurate forecast of goods receipts


better forecasts than previous solution (SAP)

Why should you invest in AI-powered forecasting?

Making reliable forecasts is very complex. Unreliable forecasts can be expensive and are often based on gut feeling.

Your predictions are based on experience

Their forecasts are based on gut feelings rather than data.

You still create forecasts manually

Forecasting with Excel is complex, inefficient and rudimentary.

You need better forecasts

Your current software does not offer the desired added value.

Westphalia Forecast

AI-powered software for your forecasts

Minimize planning effort
Optimize & understand forecasts
Make data-driven decisions
Flexible integration into your infrastructure


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