We are happy to announce a new software solution that we have developed in cooperation with Augenzentrum am St. Franziskus-Hospital Muenster. PIE – the patient information extraction tool serves as a central source of information for all patient information including information about their treatment. It was designed in order to support clinical staff in compiling suitable subject profiles for cohort studies, ultimately leading to an enormous reduction of workload.


What is the benefit?

By employing an automated but focused filter of patient records, workload of clinical staff is tremendously reduced. At the same time, quality and efficiency is extremely improved as PIE serves as a quick and accurate basis for decisions in medical research questions. In that sense studies can be conducted and analysed more efficiently.

“The AI-based and automated creation of patient cohorts for our scientific routine activities, such as cohort studies, saves up to 30% of my team’s valuable time, which we can now invest to improve patient care.” – Dr. med. Matthias Gutfleisch

How does PIE work?

Based on modelling variable & selectable rules, free texts in patient records are scanned and filtered according to individual demands. Here, PIE combines various clinical information systems. Subsequently, results can be validated on a manual basis. Moreover, an automated update of patient cohorts is integrated in PIE. After cohorts are created, they can be easily exported in different formats (e.g. csv) to ensure a seamless conduction and analysis of the corresponding study.

“In addition to the medical benefits, the use of PIE enabled us to reduce administrative and scientific staffing costs by up to 15%. At the same time, we were able to significantly increase the quality of patient care.” – Peter Mussinghoff (Management)

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