Sales Suite

KI-powered Sales Assistent

Process analysis, lead research and reporting eat up time and energy. Hand over
these tedious tasks to Sales Suite and free up more time for what really counts.


Too little time for what really matters


Sales employees use only 33% of their time for customer meetings

HubSpot Sales Survey, 2017


The 360° view for your sales team

Get a real-time overview of your current sales funnel with the Sales Suite. The AI-powered lead generation provides you with suitable leads fully automatically and the intelligent company screening provides you with the most important news about customers, leads and partners.

The Sales Suite provides you with answers to the following questions:

How do I improve my processes?
Am I achieving my sales targets?
How do I create more time for sales calls again?
How do I get high quality leads quickly?

Sales Suite

Your benefits at a glance

Sales Process Mining

Benefit from the visualization
of complex CRM data in dashboards.

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Powered by AI, the Sales Suite generates leads that match your needs.

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Intelligent Forecast

Calculation of sales development based on your data.

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Company Screening

Receive notifications about important news about your customers.

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Churn Prediction

Identify dissatisfied customers early and intervene in a timely manner.

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Next best Offer

Offer the right customer the right product at the right time.

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Why should you invest in AI-powered sales software?

Sales employees have less and less time for the actual sales conversation.

The sales process is becoming increasingly complex

It is becoming more and more complicated to keep track of everything.

Manual lead research costs an enormous amount of time

Still, many leads end up not being a good fit for the company.

Leads expect an increasingly personalized approach.

They lack entry points and information for the conversation.

Sales Suite

AI-powered Sales Assistent

Sales Process Mining
The problem with processes is that they are often not static, but dynamic and highly complex, involving constant change.

Therefore, many companies find it difficult to identify concrete optimization potentials, and this is also true for the sales process.

Sales Process Mining helps to visualize these process dynamics and shows whether the current sales activities are sufficient to achieve the sales targets.

Automatic lead generation
The Sales Suite automatically generates suitable leads for you. This makes eternal lead research and conversations with irrelevant leads a thing of the past.

Based on the data about your existing customers, the Sales Suite finds companies that match your existing customers and will most likely also be interested in your product. Filtering options allow you to further narrow down this selection. Once you are satisfied with your selection, Sales Suite searches public databases for the right contact.

Company Screening
The Sales Suite keeps you up to date with your existing customers or potential new customers in real time. If there is any business-relevant news, you will be informed immediately.

In this way, you can prepare a conversation starter in a matter of seconds or quickly identify the right moment for cross-selling or upselling.

Sales Suite

The packages at a glance


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