Increasing your sales with
AI software solutions

From automated lead generation for the sales team to extending the customer lifetime value. The
use cases for AI in Marketing & Sales are diverse. We’ll show you how to use your data profitably.

For transparent sales processes

Sales Process Mining

The sales process is highly complex and quickly turns into a non-transparent jungle of data. With sales process mining, potentials for optimization can be identified and sales capacities used in a targeted manner.

Through KPI-based analysis of the status quo, recommendations for action can be derived that help to react to deviations at an early stage, to help achieving the sales targets.

Relieve your sales team

AI based Lead Management

Identificating leads, especially in the B2B environment, is tedious and ties up resources of sales teams worldwide. Resources that would be better invested in lead nurturing or customer loyalty.

AI-powered software solutions provide a remedy here. By analyzing data, leads can be obtained using existing customer profiles and publicly available information such as websites or business directories.

Better understanding of customers

Knowledge advantage through company screening

The internet is full of data. News, business directories, company websites and press mailing lists provide extensive information on your customers, business partners or competitors.

Analysing this publicly available data in combination with AI algorithms enables a comprehensive view of relevant companies without having to search for them.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Optimizing the customer lifetime value

Leads and new customers are surely important. But for most companies, and especially their marketing departments, extending the customer lifetime value is essential.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms offer a wide range of options for retaining customers in the company over the long term.

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Proof of Concept

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