Together with FIEGE, we have developed a software solution that supports logistics processes through optimal route planning. Thanks to our solution, the best route is found and FIEGE is able to supply significantly more hospitals in less time. The result: On top of time and cost savings, hospitals and patients are supplied faster.



The Healthcare Division of the logistics service provider FIEGE operates 10 distribution centers throughout Germany. From there, more than 100 hospitals are supplied with thousands of products to ensure basic medical care every day. The product demand of the hospitals is very dynamic and can change on a daily basis. In addition, strict time and security restrictions complicate route planning.



In order to develop a software solution that allows for dynamic route planning, different data pools were processed and analyzed. Thereby, the optimization approaches are based on the open source framework OR-Tools from Google, which bundles state-of-the-art algorithms for a wide range of problems in the field of operations research.



Our dynamic route planning software reduces travel times by up to 26%. In addition to time and cost savings, hospitals are supplied faster.

“The individual software solution developed by Westphalia DataLab enables us to save up to 26% of travel time and allows us to streamline our billing processes.”Moritz Hüwe, Division Manager, FIEGE




Project Route Optimization for FIEGE Healthcare
Industry Logistics
Use Case Route Optimization
Data basis Order data, customer data, depot data, driver & vehicle data
Project duration 2 months
Tools Python, Node, Angular

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