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You too can benefit from our data science expertise for your data-driven success. Work together with our Data Activation & Innovation team to develop the right use case for your company and exploit the full potential of your data with our customized end-to-end software solutions. On top of that, we provide you with a ready-to-use Software as a Service solution Westphalia Forecast to optimize your current business forecasts.
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Data Science Consulting & Implementation

Data Activation & Innovation

Regardless of your company size and industry, we support you in the planning and implementation of tailor-made software solutions in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – from the initial idea to the seamless integration of the solution into your IT infrastructure and operational business processes.

You’ve got the data. We turn it into a practical, individual Data Science software solution that delivers concrete results in terms of increased sales or cost savings.

It’s time for you to activate your data!

Peek into our portfolio

Data Science & AI Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs, cut machine downtime.

The prediction of future wear or machine failure optimizes maintenance intervals and reduces scrap production.

Route Optimization

Reduce transport times & costs, increase delivery reliability.

Optimal route planning does not only increase planning efficiency but also ecological sustainability.

Sentiment Analysis

Increase product & service quality with 360° customer view.

Customer feedback analysis guarantees a real-time reaction to the mood of your customers and increases customer satisfaction.

Next Best Offer

Exploit cross- & up-selling potential.

The prediction of the next product or service purchase increases the customer's shopping basket and enhances their shopping experience.

Your four steps to a data-driven company


In a joint workshop we define the expectations and goals for the implementation of a concrete Data Science use case in your company.


As part of a data screening, we evaluate whether the data provided is suitable to achieve the defined requirements.


By carrying out the Proof of Concept (PoC), you get a first glance at the added value and receive a reliable decision-making basis for a possible further development.


If the results meet your expectations, we develop an individual software solution that integrates the analytical results seamlessly and permanently into your business processes and IT infrastructure.
Be the next Data-Legend

German AI Award 2020 + Machine Learning Champion 2019


Despite our young history, we have already been officially awarded: As part of an international study, the Center Smart Services of RWTH Aachen University examined more than 300 providers of Machine Learning services in the industrial environment. We were the only start-up to be named the "Machine Learning Champion 2019“. Our greatest success was celebrated in 2020: We had the honor to receive the German AI Award (Deutscher KI-Ehrenpreis) from WELT for our outstanding achievements in the practical application of AI.

Deutscher KI Preis

What you can expect from us

Data Science & AI expertise

Our employees are specialists in all aspects related to a Data Science project.

A strong university partner network on site in Muenster guarantees a close exchange with leading AI scientists.

Holistic portfolio

Development of tailor-made software solutions – quickly and cost-effectively thanks to the Westphalia DataLab Analytics Core.

Transformation of our project experience into off-the-shelf software that unites the best of all customer requirements.

Data Science project experience

More than 150 projects successfully completed for more than 50 customers from various industries.

Proven our effectiveness in the implementation of sustainable end-to-end software solutions.

Your companion & AI interpreter

We accompany you step by step on your journey towards a data-driven company.

We bring clarity in the buzzword jungle around AI.

Our AI-SaaS Solution

Forecasting with Westphalia Forecast

Put an end to Excel chaos and predictions based on gut instinct: Westphalia Forecast automates and optimizes your current business forecasts by using Artificial Intelligence.

State-of-the-art Machine Learning

Seamless integration into your IT infrastructure

Quick ROI thanks to SaaS offering

Data processing according to the latest security standards

Based on your existing company data and the inclusion of other internal and external factors, Westphalia Forecast creates forecasts at the push of a button: for future sales and demand, required inventory levels and other relevant business key figures. And that for every location, every distribution channel, every article (down to SKU level), every day.

This way you are provided with a reliable decision-making basis for all planning activities along the supply chain, despite changing market conditions. Subject to your industry, there are many options for you to make your processes more efficient and to realize cost savings: from demand-oriented personnel and material requirements planning to production, storage and transport capacity planning.

Precise forecasting - maximum planning security, maximum profit.

Increase in planning precision
Reduction of planning effort
No lost sales due to out-of-stock situations
Lower capital commitment due to reduced inventory
Increase of customer satisfaction & loyalty
Improved overall profitability

Westphalia Stories

Westphalia Stories
We at Westphalia DataLab unite deep expertise in data science and software know-how in one company. Pick our brains by diving into the articles, posts and other interesting contributions our experts have authored. Gain insight into our work, use cases and success stories and stay up to date with our latest company news.


Every expedition and every thought begin somewhere: in a real, tangible place. The Westphalia DataLab is the core, starting point and motivation for our mission to make the benefits of Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone.

Here, our highly motivated, interdisciplinary team of around 60 employees not only works on tailor-made end-to-end software solutions for your company, but also on transforming our project experience into standardized off-the-shelf software.

The Westphalia DataLab was founded in autumn 2017 by a team around Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals, Cornelius Brosche and the 145-year-old company FIEGE Logistik as a strategic investor. In this combination, we unite the agility and adaptability of a start-up with the experience and security of an established, family-run company.

It is this groundwork that allows us to be innovative every day and to make the so far unthinkable in dealing with Artificial Intelligence possible. Or let’s say: Here’s where the artificial brain is fed.


Cornelius Brosche
Cornelius Brosche

Entrepreneur and IT Consultant in Data Science environment with a focus on the automotive and retail market.

Responsible for technology and software development.

Philip Vospeter
Philip Vospeter

10 years of experience in IT consulting with a focus on the automotive and manufacturing industry.
7 years of corporate (IT) experience, most recently as Chief Digital Officer at CLAAS.

Responsible for marketing, sales and operations.

Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals
Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals

Entrepreneur in the field of Big Data Analytics and Professor for Data Science.

Sold his first Data Science company to McKinsey & Company in 2015.

Advises on strategy and customer acquisition.



We rely on state-of-the-art open source tools to develop the data-driven solutions for your company. Our technology stack includes a variety of tools for Data Science, Machine Learning engineering, data engineering and web development.

We are vendor independent. Therefore, we always have the right tool at hand to meet your specific needs.

A peek into our technology stack
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